Minsk Fishing

I was recently on a business trip to Minsk and I got to do a little fishing. Unfortunately I didn’t catch anything. I did see an amazing hockey arena while I was there though. Very cool city!

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Dallas Fishing

I finally chose between the different Plano moving companies that I was considering and am all set up at my new place. So now I am looking for some fishing spots in the Dallas area. I know there are lots of lakes around here – Lake Fork, Lake Lewisville, Lake Texoma, etc. Anyone have any tips for me? Please respond in the comments section below with your recommendations.

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South Texas Fishing

I am extremely excited about a fishing trip that I am taking over to south Texas (Padre Island area). I found some really cheap flights and the hotel prices aren’t bad either! Here’s to redfish and speckled trout!

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Fishing Report

Just went fishing near Dallas and caught two whopper largemouth bass! Caught four or five smaller ones too. Alright I am out now to sing some karaoke. Best of luck to you in your fishing this spring!

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Looking for a Guide or Charter

It can be really difficult to find the right fishing guide or charter. For example, last year I took a trip to San Diego and I really wanted to do some charter fishing… but how am I supposed to figure out which company is best? FishingListing is a really great way to find the resources you need. For example, let’s say that you are interested in finding a Texas Fishing Guide. FishingListing can help you do that.

This post is made by Jeff of the Albuquerque SEO Team. If you are looking for Albuquerque SEO, be sure to check us out.

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San Juan Fishing

I just went fishing on the San Juan and had lots of luck… most definitely caught a lot of fish. Only problem is that the fish don’t seem to be quite as big there as they used to be. Has anyone else noticed that? I am mostly fishing in the quality waters close to the dam and the kiddie pool.

I got in a good workout while I was there at The Open Gym Albuquerque. The Open Gym can be found at:

4200 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

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Catching a big fish should not be a gamble!

Lots of the time when people hook into a really big fish there is a really big chance that they will lose it. But hooking into a big fish should not be a gamble like at the blackjack table; make sure that you use only the strongest tippet and fishing line so that that fish doesn’t break you off!!!

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Shopping for Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Online

If you are interested in fishing, you are definitely going to need a good pair of polarized sunglasses, such as Oakley Straight Jacket Sunglasses. Other good sunglasses are Costa 580 Triple Tail sunglasses and Smith Passage Polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses reduce the glare from the water’s surface as well as help you to see fish better when sight fishing. Especially if you are fly fishing, being able to see the fish that you cast to is a huge advantage. You will be able to cast your dry fly right above the fish which will help you to pinpoint your dry fly or float. If you are bass fishing during the spawn, you will often be sight fishing as well. Lots of the time you can see big spawning females sitting on beds. Good polarized fishing sunglasses are a must have when bass fishing in a situation like this.

I have found one of the best places to order polarized sunglasses online is modasunglass.com. This is a great website to buy wholesale sunglasses so you can make sure that you are getting the best deal.

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Bass Fishing Rods and Reels

Bass Fishing Rods and Reels

(This article was originally posted on the fishing pictures and forums community)

A good rod and reel is crucial when bass fishing. A good rod and reel will help you to properly present your bait as well as hook into more fish. A good rod and reel will also help you to land more fish that you hook into. A good rod and reel can often mean the difference between landing your lunker bass and loosing it forever.

My rod and reel of choice is the bass pro extreme combo. I do a lot of fishing in which I slowly creep plastic worms and tubes across the bottom of lakes and rivers, and when I got my Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod and Reel Spinning Combo the fishing immediately got easier and I began to hook into and land more fish. The Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod and Reel Spin Fishing Combo is truly a fun and effective rod to fish. If you’re looking for a good bass fishing setup for a good value than the Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod and Reel Spinning Combo is for you.

The rod is very stiff and strong. You need a stiff rod to get a good hook set. Especially if you fishing weedless and don’t have a prominent exposed hook than you will need a stiff rod to make sure that you get good hook penetration. The Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod is also strong enough that it can handle large bass. The rod performs great when battling a lunker and is also strong enough to lift the big one up and out of the water onto the boat or on shore.

The Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod has great feel and sensitivity. When dragging plastic lures across the bottom of shallow coves I like to slowly crawl my bait along the bottom. I like to feel the bait tapping along the bottom. And I need to be able to feel the bass pick up my bait. Wait just a second or two for the bass to have a firm grip on the bait and then set that hook!

The Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod also casts great. I can cast far and accurately. I am able to pinpoint my casts right along the cattails or make an extremely long cast to cover an entire cove.

The reel is very smooth and has a great drag. The large diameter spool enhances casting distance and retrieve speed while reducing line twists. The Extreme Reel also has PowerLock instant anti-reverse so that you will get solid hook sets. The reel is strong enough to handle any bass.

I would recommend the Bass Pro Shops Extreme Rod and Reel Spinning Combo to any bass angler. The rod is available online at Bass Pro Shops… see if you can find any good deals via paid search.

Post by Jeff at Gambling Online

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Planer Boards As Your Primary Trolling Tool

Water in our ecosystem has gone from low visibility to extremely clear. With this change of environment the angler must evolve in his presentation to produce consistently. This fishing article will talk you through a very effective way to meet these demands for sunny conditions with spooky fish.

Hello all: I consider it a privilege to be a member of your fishing community and pass on ideas and knowledge to everyone. Most of my articles talk about products which I believe will make you a better angler. Some I sell and some I find of a quality level worth my endorsement. My goal is to always serve the community and enrich your fishing experience.

Now is the time to move to the next generation of presentations. If you find yourself behind the pack when it comes to putting fish in the cooler, a system of planer boards will improve your learning curve.

Allow me to outline and give details of several options in planer board fishing. This will provide some ideas you may want try in the upcoming season. I highly recommend them.

Equipment for getting started

While there is some expenses involved the rewards will be great. Initially two boards will get you going. Expect to pay between $25 and $35 each for individual board with many more or less expensive choices. I recommend doing some searches online to see what you can come up with. I will give details on my first choice and then offer some others.

There was a time when long lines with weight were the standard for getting the baits well behind the boat. This is a system of inline weight attached to the line about four feet ahead of the bait. By changing the weight size you will raise or lower the spoon or bait in the water column.

The function of a planer board is to increase your odds by moving the bait off to the side of the boat. By presenting lures outside of the boat’s path in undisturbed water you will find them more likely to bite. Each board is made in a way that when trolled behind the boat it will move to left or right of your travel path. Some boards, like the Church Tackle TX 22, are reversible allowing you to run them left or right.

Rigging is simple. After you have let out the line to the distance you would like, attach the board with the clip provided by the manufacturer. Once the board is attached lower the board into the water allowing it to run off to the side of the boat. When the fish strikes you may do one of two things. Do not release the board just reel the board to the rod tip and hand release it. Then finish reeling in your fish. A second option is to release the board, which slides down the line toward the inline weight and stops. The board is reeled in with the fish and the fish is netted.

Up to now we have talked about individual boards that go on each line. You can also go with a large board towed on each side of the boat pulled by a heavy monofilament line. The line is let out the same as before and then attached with a release to the heavy mono line to the large board. As you let out additional line the release will slide down the mono toward the board. You may stop the release any time along the way to the large board. When the fish strikes the line pulls free of the release and the fish is reeled in. Then the line is reset and attached to tow line again. The draw back of this system is it requires a tall mast to pull the large boards and is not transferable boat to boat. The advantage to individual boards is less cost and I find them more efficient in setting line and cranking in fish when on a hot bite. Planer boards are a great technology and I highly recommend them.

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